Monday, August 1, 2016

I am becoming such a pro at laundry!

Hello Everyone!

This week....oh my goodness. This week is seriously one of the most bizarre weeks that I have had in my life. Let's just start from the beginning. I love this GOSPEL!!!!! The members here in the North Little Rock ward are awesome. They just love to feed us and go out with us to teach people. I encourage you all to go out with the missionaries! We love having members there. 

Okay, this weird week actually started on Friday, but here it is. That morning I was super excited because we were going to go to Maumelle to go to an appointment with James. Well, he called and he said that he couldn't meet with us that day. Bummer! We had planned for him and everything. Then our other appointment canceled on us. So there we were sitting in a parking lot and we had just prayed to know what God would have us do. The interesting thing that happened though was that a couple of minutes later we got a call from Sister Arnold asking us if we could come over a little earlier to teach her daughter.  Oh, and she was in Sherwood! Direction from Heavenly Father! We went and it was an awesome lesson. We were definitely needed there at that time. Then, later we went to an apartment complex to find an investigator that the elders had met but we didn't have the apartment number, just the building number. So we were trying to talk to people to see if they knew her. Nope! But, we were able to talk to lots of people and I even gave away all of my pass along cards and I gave my  blue Book of Mormon and Bible to some children who wanted a free book. Maybe someday they will read it and want to know more. Also, we found a girl that said that we could teach her! Yay! 

Now to my weird part of the day. One weird thing that happened was that we came to the house of a recent convert, Brittany, and she said that we were supposed to meet at three instead of two like we had come. So we came back at three and we knocked and knocked and knocked and called and rang the doorbell. Well after our last knock, they knocked back to us from the inside. Weird. If you want to weird someone out just knock from the inside of the house.   We also got to have dinner with Sister Hugentobler, Elder and Sister Hartzell, and Elder and Sister Cahoon. So much fun! I love senior couples and senior missionaries. They are just so cute and make you feel like your grandparents are there. 

When we got to the apartment after dinner we had to grab things from the trunk of the car (our clothes #stupidbedbugs) and Sister Evans slammed the trunk down on Sister Beckstrand's finger!!!!! She was so calm though! She just said, "um…could you open the trunk?" I would have cried. I freaked out so much that I dropped my iPad and the glass case broke, so I need a new one. Seriously, Sister Beckstrand didn't even cry! She just walked up the stairs with a weirdly bent finger that was cut and bleeding. When we got to the apartment, Sister Evans started to feel sick and queasy so I told her to sit down and I gave her a glass of water. We called the mission nurse, Sister Thompson, to ask about Sister Beckstrand and she said to take pictures of the finger. Well I started to send those pictures when a cup of water just fell to the floor and Sister Evans passed out. I ran to her to try and not have her head hit the floor. It was so scary! Her eyes were wide open but they were rolling to the back of her head. I started patting/slapping her cheeks to wake her up and when she did she was so confused and she had no idea who I was for a second. Finally everything got sorted out, but man! That was a stressful night!

So like I sort of mentioned, we have to store all of our clothes in garbage bags, because of bedbugs. On Wednesday, we finally moved into the apartment because the exterminator said that there were no bedbugs. Well, on Monday we had gone to the apartment and cleaned all of the droppings off the wall and cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen and everything. Thank you, Mom, for Saturday jobs. I know how to clean a bathroom. Also, thank you for having us clean it every week! Our apartment looked like it had never been cleaned (the bathroom at least), so I know that I will clean my future home. So anyway, when the exterminator came he didn't see any of the bedbug stuff. Well, we moved in and we are definitely being bit. Yay. The exterminators are the worst. To try and make it so we don't get bedbugs, here is our daily schedule: Wake up and immediately strip our sheets and put them in the washer. Then, go shower and take a clean set of clothes and garments from a garbage bag of the day, then go put our pajamas in the washer as well. Go study and then rotate laundry to dryer. After dried, IMMEDIATELY put in garbage and ziplock bags. The mission nurse also said that we are going to be doing that for THE REST OF THE MISSION!!!! I am going to be so good at doing laundry by the end of the mission. I may never leave my clothes on the floor because I can't do that here! I have to say though, the mission definitely makes me notice my inadequacies but also forces me to look at my strengths. I have realized that I can do so little by myself, but so much through Him. Whenever we are down and humbled and no one will answer their doors or keep their appointments, THAT is when miracles happen. Sister Evans shared the scripture Moses 6:31-36 and I totally agree with that. I feel so much like Enoch sometimes, but I have to remember that Heavenly Father will help me.

I love y'all so much, I love this work, I love Arkansas, but most of all I love my Savior!


Sister Esplin

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