Monday, October 17, 2016

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles!

Honestly, I don’t know the rest of the lyrics to the above mentioned song, but I sure like what it says. I have just been having a good ol’ time over here in Arkansas. Well, a good ol' time might be a bit strong, but I have been having a WEEK! 

Monday...The switch. There I am. Sitting at the church since 6:30 in the morning, waiting for my new companion, Sister Jensen! She came to the church around 4:30 and we said hello again and off we went to  a dinner appointment. Then we went and tried to talk to as many people in our area book that we could because man, it gets DARK here. FAST. But sister Jensen is awesome! This area is going to be wonderful when we get through with it. Watch out satan. Sister Esplin and Sister Jensen are armed-with Book of Mormons and Bibles—and ready!!  

Tuesday. My encounter with a 104 year old woman. Sister Jensen and I were out meeting less active families and as we were driving down the street in Sherwood, when we saw the sweetest little old lady named Mozelle who was outside with her walker raking her front lawn. So we pulled over! She was so glad that we asked to rake her leaves. We talked to her and we asked how long she had been living in her house and she said 50 years. So then we asked how old she was. SHE WAS 104 years old!!! WHAT?! I am so glad that we raked her leaves. She tried to pay us $5 but we told her that we couldn't accept, that we just try to show love and service for others like Jesus would do, if He were here.

Wednesday. I don't even remember what happened. I really need to be a better journal writer.

Thursday. The. Best. Lesson. Ever.  We basically had the best lesson ever with Lavetta! She was so amazing. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and just read the first chapter of Nephi and she told us that she would read the WHOLE FIRST BOOK OF NEPHI and that she would fast about it!!!!   In fact, she is planning to take a three week fast from the Bible to focus on the Book of Mormon and then she will compare the two books and see how they compare. What a blessing it is to have the Book of Mormon AND the Bible in our lives!!  When we talked to Lavetta, she had such a glow about her and I truly felt how much the Lord loved her. It was so amazing. I could not believe that I was sitting there having such a wonderful experience with her. She wants to learn. She wants to know the truth. She is so prepared and I am so excited for her. In fact, she talked to deacons at her church about the Book of Mormon and she told them that they couldn't impact what she thought and if she found that the Book of Mormon was true, she would follow that. She is amazing!!

On Friday we had two dinners! Partly because one dinner was at 8 o'clock and the other dinner a new couple called and asked if we wanted to come over for dinner and so we said yes because we wanted to meet them! They are great! 

Saturday! We helped Sister Sandline get ready for her daughter’s birthday party.  After that, we helped a less active family clean their attic.  It felt great serving these families and we were definitely blessed and protected while we served.  When we were cleaning out the attic, poor Sister Jensen crashed through the attic floor,  and really could have gotten hurt.  Fortunately, as she was falling through the attic floor (which was the garage ceiling), she grabbed onto an attic post and held on for dear life until one of the family members helped her get to the ground safely. It was kind of scary, but I am so glad that Sister Jensen was protected in that moment.

My spiritual thought is basically to stay positive. Satan is going to want us to be negative but stay positive! I have been trying to do that. But sometimes it is tough! But try, be like Alma ! Be like the people of Ammon! BE AMAZING!! Sorry for the short letter. I have a raging headache and a muddled brain. 

Love y'all
Sister Esplin

 The new Sherwood duo--Sister Jensen and Sister Esplin

 Adventures in attic cleaning

The attic hole (garage ceiling) Sister Jensen crashed through…so scary!!

 Dinner with the Murpheys

 Notice the Sherwood Forest guy in the left corner of the sign? That little guy is on all the street signs in Sherwood.

 Helping the Sandline family get ready for the birthday party

Dinner with the Turner family

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