Monday, December 12, 2016

Parade!!! We lit that world!!

This week was carazaaay with a capital C! Even today is insane! In fact, today’s letter is going to be brief since we are in Conway practicing for the Christmas zone conference talent show on Wednesday. We are creating new lyrics and choreographing a missionary version of “Last Christmas”, which is going to be the BOMB!   This Christmas season has truly been awesome and I am grateful for the many opportunities to “light the world” through love, service, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Even though many may not be prepared to hear our message, it fills my heart with joy to see hearts turning to Christ this Christmas season. 

Anyhooooooooooooooo, ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!!!!! Here is the highlight reel 🎬

Tuesday we went to a referral’s house and guess what! He lived in Salt Lake for a long, long time! His name is Melvin and he's pretty funny. He talked to us for several minutes and said that we could come back and talk to him (and his wife)!  Hooray!  Later that evening, the Brown family invited us over to their home for family home evening and dinner. It was great! Their little boy, Jasik,  isn't baptized yet, so we taught the plan of salvation and dang, that fella was amazing! He had some awesome points and made great connections. That little fella is going to be one incredible missionary one day!  

On Wednesday we went to young women's which was FANTASTIC!!! Do I love young women’s? Do Mormons read the Bible?! YESSSS! It was so great to be around those beautiful daughters of God. 

On Thursday we had an incredible lesson with Chelsea! We brought along Sister Murphy who joined the church a year ago and just got married in the temple last month! Sister Murphy is adorable and she was such a great friend to Chelsea. We have been looking for fellowshippers for Chelsea for a little while now, so it was so great to see that they really connected. In fact, Chelsea really opened up with Sister Murphy and Sister Murphy even offered to read the Book of Mormon with Chelsea!  I just loved being there in that little spiritual bubble. 

Now that Sister Farr is working with us, we have combined the areas of Sherwood and Maumelle. On Friday, we went to Maumelle and we visited a sweet sister named Sister Southal. She was so excited to see us and she shared that she currently has many trials in her life, but her Father in Heaven loves her and helps her through everything. She also talked about how she loves rainbows which was so so sweet. She thanked us profusely for coming over.  Later that evening, we went to Sister Bowen's house and helped set up for the Maumelle Christmas parade.  Sister Bowen has worked with Maumelle City for the past 16 years and has been looking for an opportunity to spotlight the church and include the missionaries in one of the Maumelle City celebrations. Well, this year the city decided to host their first Christmas parade and she decided to spearhead a “Light the World” float that the members and missionaries could take part in. We had so much fun working together to help decorate the float and it turned out so amazing!  

On Saturday morning we drove to Maumelle and helped with the finishing touches on the float. All the primary children were dressed in white to look like angels and they sat on the float with the nativity, while we missionaries walked close to the float and passed out “Light the World” Christmas pass-along cards with candy canes attached to them. After the parade, we got a million pictures and all had hot chocolate together at Sister Bowen's home and then took apart the float!   This experience so much fun, but most of all, I am so grateful for the opportunity that this parade gave us to spread the word with so many people in Maumelle.  Hopefully, when we knock on some Maumelle doors, they will remember the smiling missionaries in their Santa Hats at the Christmas parade.  

This week I finished the Book of Mormon again!!!!!  Holy cow, I just love the Book of Mormon!!! Here is a quick spiritual thought.  Moroni 10:32 teaches to “love God with all your might, mind and strength, and then His grace is sufficient for you”.  His grace is sufficient for YOU!!  Just love our Father in Heaven with everything that you are and how can you go wrong? Why would you go wrong if you love him so much!!!

I love y’all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🎄 🎁 

Dinner with the Murphys…Aren’t they adorable?!

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